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New Years Goals Done Right!

Ever go into a NYE with a solid list of goals feeling like you’ve got the biggest fire lit under your booty, thinking there is no way you could screw up this time, that “this is my year”, the passion of your goals overflowing and you start of rock solid, then BAM it is mid […]

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My Blog My Way.

For starters (and to be fair), this is not going to be one of my typical posts, but I have some explaining to do. I went M.I.A for various reasons but I figured this is a good time to be a little more than honest as to why. Several years ago I realized I hated […]

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Where Did She go…And Why?

It has been several weeks of ‘rough times’ in my family (on top of a rough year), as I have mentioned a few times in my social media stories. And I have not specified what exactly has been happening for so many reasons but after countless messages, prayers and encouraging words with a very heavy […]

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