Genetic Testing… Yay Or Nay?

Yesterday I had a doctors appointment that brought up this question this morning after a call back from the nurse regarding some family history updates and some potential changes in what I should be doing moving forward. And it made me very curious as I knew my answer before she even explained the process, but I sat quietly while she gave me the low down and got some interesting insight furthering my answer.

So here’s how it went in a brief run down. Genetic testing, are you interested? If I was interested I would have to do a video chat to discuss the ‘potential effects’ of having the knowledge from the testing itself. A scheduled appointment for the paneling and an appointment to discuss test results. This obviously may vary from doctor to doctor so don’t quote me on this protocol where you live/your doctors process.

As soon as I heard the words through the phone my instant thought was “NO WAY, not at all interested.”

For me personally I don’t want to necessarily know what is ‘coming for me’ based off of my panels. I am pretty hypersensitive to any potential abnormalities of my body and tend to error on the side of caution to have anything professionally checked out for reassurance. Now before anyone gets crazy I am not choosing to be ignorant per-say but I know myself well enough that I would potentially become overly hypersensitive and create a problem before there was problem to be dealt with. Will it into happening or speak it into existence if you will.

Now I am not saying this is a bad idea in general or that it is not right for anyone I am simply saying for me it just doesn’t seem like a good idea. I believe it is either going to happen or it’s not and all I can do in the mean time is to take care of myself to the best of my abilities, then deal with the hurtle when it arises.

My concrete answer was solidified with the “pre appointment” to discuss the knowledge I could gain from the test. If my non existent results already needed discussion on how it would affect my future after discovering the unknown, I didn’t want the stress or anxiety to be very honest. I felt like the discussion for the discussion set off some sort of red flag in the ‘to be worried about’ portion of my brain that said “no, not today”.

But as I said, I am very aware and try to detect any ‘issues’ early. So my question has become is it really better to just know what your odds are or to live in a place of constantly looking for anything to be potentially wrong? I feel like depending on how I word it even with myself the pendulum can swing in either direction, but at the end of the day I stand pretty firm in not wanting to know.

I added a poll to my stories today and thus far the majority of voters are all for it. So I am very curious, if you are for it, how does your brain break it down knowing versus my explanation of not knowing. If you are against, what is your reasoning? Tell me in the comments or hop onto my @bossofalltraits Instagram page and let me know!

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