Thickening My Skin To Social Media.

Lets get real. I freaking hate social media. On all accounts. I deleted all forms of my social media a little over 4 years ago for a million reasons and I LOVED IT! Like for real LOVED IT. I shut the doors to all the senseless, useless, petty drama, to the adds that made me think I needed junk I never would have thought of otherwise, to all the judging eyes prowling through my pages, but overall I shut the doors to people I would never talk to again, because out side of the various platforms there was no real friendship. I loved being unsearchable, unreachable, uninvolved.

My biggest hold up with starting my blog was the social media aspect. So why did I start a lifestyle blog knowing my deep dislike of social media? Well guys I have been struggling to answer that myself. Ultimately it was because I love writing quick, easy to read posts, interacting with people I don’t know and, sharing what I am trying (what is and isn’t working). I love reading other blogs that ignite a fire in me and wanted to be that person for other moms, women, humans. And it is pretty hard to promote a blog without the use of social platforms. Plus from my core I love getting the “real life” feel of the bloggers stories outside of their posts.

But when push came to shove, it only took a few snarky comments to totally diminish my fire, a handful of people who sought me out not for the blogs sake but genuinely to just be nosy, or start drama to rain on my parade. It only took the couple of “this is why I hate social media” experiences to shut me down. And that is exactly what has been happing, a complete shut down of me and the blog.

In short I need to thicken up my skin.

I need to take all the ‘yuck’ as a grain of salt. Because with or without the social media trolls are always on the prowl. In other words even if I just did the blog without social media people are always gonna hate and getting my blog out there would be much harder. I have to be able to turn away from the negative and just take solace in all the good interactions.

To heck with the haters right?

I love writing for my blog. I love the feeling of excitement I felt when I was starting off. I love having the ‘validation’ of other people saying “oh my gosh me too” and not feeling like I was the only one. I love being able to be myself and share the crazy that makes up my life. I love the idea of letting people into my ‘behind the scenes’. I love being a blogger. And that is all the reason to keep doing it.

Pop into tomorrows stories for what has happened since I jumped ship. But tell me do you struggle with social media as much as I do or is it really just me?

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I am Kiya, a Lifestyle Blogger, Blended Family Living, Mommy to 3, Wife to 1, A Certified Health and Life Coach, Green(ish) Life Living, Essential Oil Using, Budgeting, Work From Home Mom, Who Loves: Coffee, Messy Buns, Self Care and Wine.

One thought on “Thickening My Skin To Social Media.

  1. I totally understand. I definitely miss being able to talk to you more regularly, but I completely get it. Social media has become quite toxic. But that is why it is up to us and people like you to bring out that positivity through your experiences and that encouragement that so many of us need. Miss ya, girlie! Glad you’re doing well.

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