New Years Goals Done Right!

Ever go into a NYE with a solid list of goals feeling like you’ve got the biggest fire lit under your booty, thinking there is no way you could screw up this time, that “this is my year”, the passion of your goals overflowing and you start of rock solid, then BAM it is mid February or maybe you made it into March and your dream goal list got turned into a scratch pad for your million other real life happenings? You and me both my friend.

Well I learned a valuable lesson a few years back and I have the answer to a huge chunk of this problem… simple, don’t set goals… JUST KIDDING!!!

For me personally it was a goal list with no set up for a follow through.

Example: Goal- Read One Book A Month… Should be easy enough 12 books no biggie, move on.

“But Kiya what do you even mean?” Allow me to explain.

Try This: GoalRead One Book A Month, January read: “…” February read: “…” or if you are like me and want an ‘open floor plan’ for what your options should be give yourself a list of six books that you want to read giving yourself space to come across new books, and the option to pick what is going to feel good for that month when you are living it. But the set up for follow through is giving yourself a back up list if at the start of your month you are brain dead and can’t come up with a book. It sets you up for follow through and sets you up for overall success of this goal.

Or let me get real typical with you.

Goal: Get Healthy. 1. Exercise 5 days a week. 2. Eat healthy. 3. Start self care routine. Then move on. ~Let me note this is a great start to some follow through but still leaves a tremendous amount of empty space.

Try This: Goal: Get Healthy. 1. Exercise more. A. Sign up for yoga class X times a week. B. Have 2 or 3 go to complete daily workouts for uncreative days. C. Get your schedule started now on times for when you will work out. 2. Eat Healthy: A. Implement healthier foods, focus on adding in more veggies to your regular daily meals. B. Set out 5 recipes to try this month. C. Create a weekly Meal Plan to help stay on track. 3. Start Self Care Routine. A. Make a go-to list of what your self care options are. B. Once a week choose from list. C. Get creative and try some now options.

Now this is very vague but this post is to sum up the point not to give you an exact play by play and pretty much caters to what I use for myself and might not apply to you personally. But that is the beauty of it. Fill in your own goals and just follow the general guide line to fit and cater your goals.

Although 2020 felt exempt for so many of my goals and plans I realized it was because a lot of my goals needed to be altered and reset. I feel strongly that goals are not just for NYE and you can start, reset, revise whatever any time of the year but given our nature of all in for the new year I found this post to be appropriate for now.

Have more questions on setting up for success? Email me at or find me on Facebook or Insta @bossofalltraits.

Till Next Time (or better yet), Till Next Year, K

Bring on 2021!

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I am Kiya, a Lifestyle Blogger, Blended Family Living, Mommy to 3, Wife to 1, A Certified Health and Life Coach, Green(ish) Life Living, Essential Oil Using, Budgeting, Work From Home Mom, Who Loves: Coffee, Messy Buns, Self Care and Wine.

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