My Blog My Way.

For starters (and to be fair), this is not going to be one of my typical posts, but I have some explaining to do. I went M.I.A for various reasons but I figured this is a good time to be a little more than honest as to why.

Several years ago I realized I hated social media…I hated that people who didn’t actually care about my life just enjoyed snooping and got to follow along with things I found important enough to share. I hated the fake connections. I hated the judgments. It is what it is, so I deleted everything and LOVED IT! Eventually I created a very small Instagram account that I only added a few people to mostly so I could follow along with bloggers I loved, and kept everything as private as possible. This is 100% what kept me from blogging. And before I started this blog that was the question I had for all the bloggers I follow and respected, “how do you deal with people who are just trolling?” and the answers were all very similar but my main take away was that I got to pick and choose what gets shared. So thinking I was ready I jumped in.

Well guys, I wasn’t ready.

I was but wasn’t if that makes sense. I knew some of the cons that were to come but I struggle with people who have for lack of better terms “bailed” on my real life outside the blog but stalk along with stories, I struggle with the weirdo dudes message requests, I struggle with passive judgments from people who are active in my real life. So that’s why I have been gone.

I let judgments drain my confidence. I let the fake followers get under my skin. I let the crappy passive aggressive comments create fear for future posts. I let the cons cloud my vison. But more importantly I let what people might think steal my joy.

Well guys I’m here and back to say, “I DON’T CARE“.

After I had a conversation with my husband last night my fire has been ignited, even though our conversation had nothing to do with my blog. I was inspired by his ferocious passion for not caring what people think. When I jumped into this blog I had such passion and no fear. I put in the work for it (minus the technical for the website, thanks sis!). I put my mind to it and got it all together. I jumped in, all in for that matter because I’m passionate about it. With that being said, this blog is MINE!

I will continue to post what fits me and what I believe, Don’t like it? Don’t follow. Don’t agree? Don’t follow. Not your cup of tea? Don’t follow. Think I’m a bad mom? Don’t follow. Hate it all and still follow? Not my problem. Stalking my stuff? Enjoy the show. I am here to help in my own way and if my way doesn’t work for you I encourage you to find a way that does. Because frankly that is my personality.

Some of the judgement from closer followers hurts, but it’s not their blog and I know myself better then their judgments, period. Think what you want but I know from the hoards of amazing messages I get from genuinely great followers that my post speak to them and help them out. I am not here to cater to those who don’t get it. I am not here to alter my blog because of what people think.

With all of that out and on the table. I AM BACK! With school starting and after my polls a few weeks back, I am going to be planning on doing a actual blog post once a week (most likely on Monday), and three social media ‘picture with post’ a week (Monday, Wednesday Friday.) Thanks to the followers who continue reaching out, and buckle up guys stories coming at you hot and unfiltered lol.

Till Next Time, K.

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I am Kiya, a Lifestyle Blogger, Blended Family Living, Mommy to 3, Wife to 1, A Certified Health and Life Coach, Green(ish) Life Living, Essential Oil Using, Budgeting, Work From Home Mom, Who Loves: Coffee, Messy Buns, Self Care and Wine.

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