Lesson No. 1 From My Child.

Children have so much to teach us it is down right scary. Given that fact, I feel like there will be many of these post to come I might as well go ahead and number them now. Lesson number one ‘It Is ALL About Perspective’ so sit down and take some notes because class is about to begin.

So in a very bitter sweet manor I am going to confess something I have battled with internally about posting. Around a month ago my oldest son had his very first dental appointment, because we could visibly see some cavities, well yesterday he went in for his first ‘dental work’ appointment, and came out with two silver capped teeth. Even typing that makes my stomach turn.

In all reality cavities happen folks, and bad teeth run on my side of the family but Full Disclaimer: I am horribly ashamed in my lack of teaching him dental hygiene, horribly ashamed that I didn’t do better taking care of his teeth myself, horribly ashamed that in some way I failed in protecting him, amongst other horribly ashamed reasonings I am horribly ashamed that he will have those caps till he loses his baby teeth, but this isn’t a let me shame myself as a mom anymore than I already have post. (I am FULLY aware of what I did wrong, and what I need to do differently.)

And this is where the lesson begins.

This little dude is so stinking proud of his ‘new silver teeth’ and is walking around checking them out in every mirror, talking about how he can’t wait to show all the family members, legit happy and excited about them. Again with the stomach turn but who am I to take away his happiness about an otherwise crappy situation?

Now obviously he does not understand the whole back story as to why he had to get the caps, (he can mom shame me when he is older for this), and the point of the post is not to encourage failed parenting moves, but simply put the “one mans trash is another mans treasure” saying into perspective. For lack of better phrasing this whole situation is my trash, but those silver teeth are my little guys treasure. I am NOT sugar coating this post into a good thing, I screwed up, so please don’t twist this into me downplaying my screw up, but this post is not even about teeth or parenting at all.

It is straight up to open eyes that we can not be here to judge someone’s version of treasure.

Treasure comes in all shapes, sizes, situations and forms. Our perception of someone’s treasure does not matter, it is their treasure. It is not our job to dictate what should make other people happy, it is to let them have their treasure, to let them bask in their happiness. If we portray our judgments of ‘trash’ we can literally steal all the joy from someone else making the best of a situation. Instead we should be learning to take the trash and turn it into treasure in our own lives.

Our version of trash is put together by something we believe, based of our lives in particular. So whatever has led us to the belief that something is ‘trash’ does not apply to everyone. Example, I never had silver caps on my teeth, somehow leading me to believe that they were bad (not to say they are). Now someone who had silver caps would probably read this and be saying ‘what’s the big deal?’ because to them it was probably something they never thought twice about (which they have no reason to). Either side is based on our particular lives leading us to our belief.

Vice versa same can be said for our treasures. It is that simple.

For the record, we completely switched up our dental hygiene products, and are sticking to a much stricter routine to ensure that we are doing everything we can to prevent this from taking place again, but as for now were rooting on the ‘coolest silver teeth ever’, how proud we are at how awesome he did in his appointment, admiring his brave soul and encouraging his ‘treasure’.

Till Next Time, K.

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