Rolling Into The Weekend.

In the spirit of Wednesday’s Tips and Tricks post on Hitting Refresh, (found here, refresh) I decided to share one thing that is always at the top of my priority list going into the weekend. Refreshing your house before your weekend starts. Cleaning your house before your weekend starts, even if your weekend doesn’t start on TGIF, makes for the most refreshing opening to your weekend.

Now I am not talking about baseboard washing, carpet shampooing cleaning, I mean having a vast majority of your to-do list knocked out in the two days prior to the weekend start. For me I like starting the weekend off with a clean kitchen, clean bathrooms, and everything as picked up as possible. Or if I have any running around errands that would eat away at my weekend time. On Thursday I try to most of my cleaning, so that way on Friday I have some little pick ups and finalizing touches.

I do this because nothing sets the tone for the upcoming week then a refreshing, relaxed weekend. And for me to have that type of weekend it starts with not having soul sucking tasks that make the weekend feel like my normal week day. Now don’t get me wrong, I have to continue picking up throughout the weekend, and a good majority of my weekend tasks have some cleaning involved. I mean hello, having hubbs around do help move stuff around or conquer a dreaded project, is just an opportunity I am not willing to pass up. (Thanks babe!) But starting those projects off without a little black cloud of dirty toilets looming over me makes them more enjoyable and feel less like a Tuesday.

Taking the typical week day out of my weekend layout makes a huge difference in the attitude of my home for a vast amount of reasons, but the two big reasons for us right now is, it is time we get to spend with my husband as a family and the last thing I want to take away from that is sweeping and mopping floors that have been ran all over for the last week. And secondly, as a stay at home mom getting stuck in the rutt of our weekly cycle is REAL, and since I don’t actually get ‘days off’ it is so nice to have the weekend to break out of daily to-do, daily cleaning, and overall daily chores. It gives me the chance to feel like I can relax and get a sort of break.

The master bonus of my r and r weekend is it gives me the ability to dive head first into the next week with the mind set of a ‘brand new start’. And for me that makes all the difference!

Till Next Time, K

Do you have any ‘pre- weekend’ routines? Let me know in the comments or on @bossofalltraits social media accounts.

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