Tips And Tricks…Hit Refresh

Days can be tough, moments can be hard, sometimes falling apart seems like the only option. That’s life. The absolute best news I can give you is, hit refresh. Start over. Seems so simple, but it is definitely not. We all struggle with coming out of the black hole of ‘bad’ once we start the downhill spiral. So here are some ‘Tips And Tricks’ to hitting the refresh and starting over in the moment for the day, short term, or even long term.

Tip 1.

Hit Pause And Shed Some Light. When you catch yourself snapping pause, notice what is happening, then call it out. Not necessarily out loud, but bring all your attention to what triggered your snap into the black hole. See what you need to do for yourself to help fix the funk. Shedding some light on what is triggering you requires you to slow down just enough to acknowledge and asses what is trying to come to light from within yourself.

Trick 2.

Do At Least One Thing That Will Make You Feel Better. After gathering a little insight with what you can do to help yourself in the particular moment. Pick one thing that will make an impact on your mood, or to take some load off of the trigger. Even if takes a little deductive reasoning, take action. If you can do more than one thing awesome, but if not go for the one that is most feasible and with a substantial impact.

Tip 3.

Don’t Keep Count. Drop the score card here. It does not matter if you are on your 10th restart for the day, or your 8th time restarting on a specific thing IT DOES NOT MATTER. We often give up and stay in the black hole because we think we have tried too many times. That is simply not true. Every time we restart there is an opportunity to grow further into the understanding of what we need, to not de-rail.

Refreshing, or starting over has no time limit. It doesn’t matter if it is the end of the day or middle of the week. We all have short term and long term ideas for some kind of outcome that we want. So give yourself a constant opportunity to reach that end goal from a happy, and loving place.

Till Next Time, K

What is your favorite part about restarting? Tell me in the comments or on find me @bossofalltraits on either Facebook or Instagram.

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I am Kiya, a Lifestyle Blogger, Blended Family Living, Mommy to 3, Wife to 1, A Certified Health and Life Coach, Green(ish) Life Living, Essential Oil Using, Budgeting, Work From Home Mom, Who Loves: Coffee, Messy Buns, Self Care and Wine.

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