Things Moms Should Do Everyday.

Mommying is hard work ya’ll. Like the hardest work I think I have ever done, and probably the dirtiest… it’s the most rewarding for countless reasons but some days it’s really freaking hard. I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world but learning how to get through the hard days has been a challenge. So after the few years of experience I have a few ‘snipets‘ that I think all moms should be doing EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Drink your water. I know this is basic and boring but moms, you have to stay hydrated! You would be surprised at how much it helps. Now I am huge advocate of drinking water (like it is literally my jump to conclusion), but if you’re not a water drinker, this can be a task. So go for a half and half of good quality H2O and some Powerade. There are so many options to drink but drink something hydrating not something that is going to drain you further. We can’t preach to our children to drink and not drink ourselves. And like the classic saying goes, “you can’t poor from an empty cup” so drink and fill up your cup.

Follow your gut. If your gut is telling you something, go with it. If your gut says get a second cup of coffee, do it. If you need eat, slow down long enough to eat. (Granola bars are my personal fav for this.) If your gut says take some time and do one on one with your Littles, ditch the plans and give yourself the time and space to do that No matter what it is, explore it. Your gut feelings are widely similar to that ‘mommy sense’ or mothers intuition. Meaning our gut usually knows what we need before we do, and we should be paying more attention to it.

Give yourself grace. Like I said this work is no joke, and we will fall short all the time. No mom is perfect, and we are all doing the best we can with what we have. When you fall short from your own expectation, give yourself grace, and start over. See if you can find ways to keep the short coming from happening again, but don’t dwell on it. The key here is to shed light by acknowledging what made us feel like we fell short. Once we clarify it to ourselves we tend to keep away from doing it again. So notice it, learn from it, move on knowing that every mom everywhere has hit a brick wall of their own as well.

Lastly, pray. Pray to whatever it is you believe in. Pray for a higher understanding. Pray for patience. Pray for a better day tomorrow. Pray about anything and everything. Praying is the best way to vent at any given moment. We need to vent out our frustrations and emphasize when the good things happen. A ton of things happen all day everyday with kids, and lets be real as moms we can’t always hold it all together till our other halves get home. Here is our out that gives us so much more at the same time. It is letting us get out whatever it is that we need to, while still trying to be better.

All parts of parenting can be trying to even the most experienced. And although every parent is unique in their own way, not a single one is perfect. There is peace in that alone. Keep patting yourself on the back whenever you can because even if there are bad days you are still kicking butt for your babies!

Till next time, K

If you have any other ideas for ‘everyday must do’s’ drop them in a comment down below, or let me know on Facebook or Instagram (@bossofalltraits).

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