‘Purge’ Through The Hold Up.

***This post is not to shame anyone into getting rid of un-needed items. It is ONLY for the ones who get caught up in purging spaces and just aren’t sure how to get past certain “hold ups” or certain items in the ‘purging’ process.***

In my first post about purging I mentioned purging through emotional items. (You can find that here letspurge). ‘Emotional’ in these terms can mean anything, not just sad, or happy emotions but an attachment to something. Such as “I need to keep this …(insert your item here)… incase the other one breaks”, “what if I get rid of this and then need it?”, or in mommy relations “but the baby played with it that one time and it was SO cute…” and, “this was in the room that day that the baby started crawling”, the list can go on and on. But ultimately, keeping an item because it just seems hard to get rid even though you know you don’t truly need it, or even want to keep it.

No matter what your reasoning is, ‘purging’ can be tough. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the things we value for reasons that make sense to no one, not even ourselves. And as I said in my first purging post if purging an area, or maybe a box of items seems daunting or like a burden, I do not believe you should do it at that time, not until you are ready to face those emotions. If there is a box of items with emotional attachments that you can’t handle going through, my simple solution is purge around it. Plan to leave that particular box in the space and purge out anything around it that you don’t need or want.

As for the items that aren’t legitimately sentimental, like the items you keep for “what if” or “because that one time” I encourage you to ask yourself this one question. “If I get rid of this item right now, will I regret it in 5 years?” I know this sounds completely silly, but if your answer is ‘no’ then what real value does it hold?

The reality is if you are keeping an item because of ‘what ifs’ it can be replaced, (if it can’t, don’t get rid of it). If you’re keeping an item because ‘it was in a certain place at a certain time’, it won’t matter if you don’t have it in 5 years. Acknowledging this one small fact makes tossing certain items so much easier.

Now, I am not saying keeping items because of ‘what if’ is wrong, or because you have created some ‘strange tie’ to an item is bad. I am only pointing this out to act as a guide when you are purging a space and realize that nothing is landing it the “get rid of” pile. [Please refer back to my purgetipsandtricks post to understand the “pile” method], and you find yourself asking “why can’t I get rid of anything?’ I myself keep some items that will in no way matter in 5 years simply because I have space and I would rather not get rid of it for what ever reason. Or keeping a toy even though the baby never even touched it, because it was the first toy that I bought when I was pregnant. There is nothing wrong with keeping items!

Continue using the “second pile” at the first feeling of a hold up, this is seriously to keep your ‘mojo’ going. Get the ‘keep’ items put away, because the odds are as you see how good the space looks and as you feel the lightness that comes with purging out the for sure unwanted items, when you circle back to the second pile and you’ll most likely find it easier to wade through harder items. Then when you really get stuck, jump to the 5 year question. At least that is what works best for me!

~For the record, and proof, the orange soccer ball in the feature picture is my sons first season in little league. Just sayin.~

Till Next Time, K

If you have anymore questions on purging feel free to comment below, dm me on Instagram/Facebook @bossofalltraits, or email me!

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