Tips And Tricks…To Purging Your Home

As promised on Monday, and given the good feedback I got (thank you guys for that!), todays “Tips and Tricks” are on ‘purging’ your home. I have 3 little pointer to try and help you out. Now in my post letspurge I talked about the difference in cleaning versus purging a space, (If you haven’t read that post you should go back to read it in the above link), but it leads me to my first tip.

Tip 1.

Take EVERYTHING out of the space you are cleaning. This really helps you gauge the space and actually see all the stuff you had crammed into. But more importantly it allows you to stick to a vison of what you want the space to look like as you put stuff back in. So do it take all out and it doesn’t have to be in any special order, just pile it all up. Going through it will be when you organize it. Which leads me to…

Trick 2.

Now that you have a giant pile of stuff and an empty space this is where the fun begins. You’re going to create 2 or 3 piles depending on what works for you (first two piles are a must). First Pile- Get Rid Of (sell, donate, return whatever implies), just the pile of stuff that is not returning into your space. Second Pile- To Keep Or Not To Keep. This is basically the pile of stuff that you would like to keep but you could also get rid of. It’s important to have this pile for two reasons, (odd as it is the second pile...), It gives you the option to re-evaluate those items as your space fills, and also keeps you moving in a timely matter. If you’re stuck on ‘to keep or not to keep’ with an item, chuck it into pile two, then you’ll come back to it later, keep the mojo going. Third Pile- Keep. This pile is optional, I personally do not create a ‘keep’ pile I just put the keeper items away as I come across them. No matter which way you choose to go with the keep stuff, make it the first items you put away.

To recap, empty into one pile, divide into 2-3 piles, put away keep items. As your space is filling be sure to organize and put away to reflect your ‘final look’ vision. Once you have your keep items put away go back to pile two and make your decisions accordingly. It tends to be easier to become a bit more ‘cut-throat’ with those items as you see how they are going to fit into your space. All that is left is pile one.

Tip 3.

Do Not Wait To Get Rid Of The “‘Get Rid Of’ Pile. This was (and sometimes still is for me), the classic mistake. If you are purging the items, GET THEM OUT! Don’t let this pile linger and hop around your home, eventually those items end up cluttering the space back up, or cluttering up a different space. So load them up and haul them off. Sometimes that seems so inconvenient, but look at the work you’ve done and the effort you put in, don’t ruin it because the hauling it off wasn’t a priority.

Side Note.

To keep the purged space cleaner longer, I try to make it a rule that if I am putting an item in, I must get rid of another item. It’s not fool proof, but it does help!

Till Next Time, K

Was this helpful? Let me know! Comment below or on my social media (Facebook and Instagram) @bossofalltraits and let me know what you thought, what you’re excited to try, or any other ‘tips and tricks’ you find very useful.

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