Let’s Purge…Home Edition

So I am purging out everything…in my house. This is 100% typical for me to do every so often, normally when I feel like my home is starting to clutter up, I get this intense urge to chuck everything and clean out some space. For several reasons I am in a constant state of trying to minimalize how much junk I keep in the house, I don’t like clutter, I function better when my living space is organized, I want to teach my children to understand that things are materialistic, and mostly because it’s my personality to shed off (toss out), the old.

It typically starts in a small space, under the sink, drawers, under the couch, to a closet, under a bed and then snow balls into the entire house. Sometimes this happens in days and sometimes it takes the coarse of a few weeks or even months, either way I am always left feeling like my home is back to that “just moved in” feeling. You know before all the stuff you think you need accumulates in the nook and spaces you don’t use regularly. It has some work tied to it but it’s one of my favorite things to do because of how good I feel having it done.

I have found the process to be very relaxing, even therapeutic in some cases, I don’t feel like truly purging out a space should feel like burden though. Yes, sometimes it can be a hard or daunting task to let go of some things, or force yourself to dig through some emotional items, but if you feel like you’re obligated to purge an area, I don’t believe you should. I always trust my gut on what spaces need to be purged versus cleaned and in what order.

Getting started for me is the key. Although I do not have an exact method to figuring it out where to start, I truly do just run with my gut and where it takes me. And don’t be fooled, there are certain spaces that don’t get purged just cleaned, or ignored all together. But when I am truly ‘purging’ I am taking everything out of an area and then selecting what goes back in. If I just grab and toss a few thing I just consider that cleaning up.

The act of taking everything out and selecting what items I put back helps me pin point how much I actually value the stuff I am keeping. And as the space fills I can become a bit more critical and re-evaluate without having near as much to go back through. But in the end I know the things filling the space are things that are of value.

When it is all said and done the things that aren’t serving me are no longer cluttering my space, therefore are no longer cluttering my home and having things moved around differently in an organized way gives way to a sense of ‘new’. A new begging for that space stripped of anything old, a clean and renewed area with new possibilities.

If you haven’t ever purged a space, and you’re feeling inspired to, DO IT!

If you’re interested in more on ‘how to’ and the process let me know in the comments or on Instagram/Facebook both @bossofalltraits or follow along in my stories on my purging process, and come back Wednesday for my weekly “Tips and Tricks” this week featuring “The Purge Edition”

Till next time, K

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I am Kiya, a Lifestyle Blogger, Blended Family Living, Mommy to 3, Wife to 1, A Certified Health and Life Coach, Green(ish) Life Living, Essential Oil Using, Budgeting, Work From Home Mom, Who Loves: Coffee, Messy Buns, Self Care and Wine.

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