Pay It Forward.

Yesterday on a totally normal Wednesday morning the Littles and I decided to make a run through Starbucks for some coffee and hot chocolates as a little treat, nothing out of the ordinary for us, although I’ve convinced my children that Starbucks water is WAY better than any other water, and that normally what they get (so the hot chocolates were actually a treat). We waited in line, discussing the last few days they had spent with their dad and what all we had been up to, ordered and found out the man in front of us had paid for our order. (How cool right!?!?) So in the bright spirits I just went ahead and paid for the order behind me.

This has happened to me before, but it sat with me all day from the moment I pulled out of the parking lot. It got me thinking about the movie “Pay It Forward”, if you haven’t watched it (do it!), the idea behind it is when something good happens to you, you then turn around and do 3 good things for other people, with the intensions that they then do 3 thing and so on. It is such a simple concept, small acts of kindness, but sadly completely overlooked any more.

It inspired me to connect back in with where can I be doing more? We need to be spreading more good, I need to be spreading more good. Now, before you think I am getting a ‘holier than thou’ attitude, I found myself a little stumped. I want to do more than just pay for a Starbucks order. But that thought alone opened my eyes. The simple truth is, having that ordered paid for was super awesome and really felt good!

Now even though I still want to connect in deeper with my acts I realized we should all be starting simple and not overlook small kind gestures. Like opening a door, giving a compliment, or even buying someone their coffee. We don’t have to do anything wild, only what is in our means. Little acts can go such a long way!

No matter what circumstances someone is in, where they come from, or who they are, everyone deserves something good. If we want change, for all people, we have to start with ourselves. Put out what you want back.

I want to keep this post simple and short because I could ramble on for days here, but I want the simple post to seal in a simple concept, do something good for others. Be the change. Be encouraged. Do something little so someone feels awesome. It really is that simple.

Till next time, K

Comment with any ideas on little things we can do, so if anyone reading this is feeling encouraged but doesn’t know where to start, we can all have options and new ideas! Tell me what you think, or share something good that has happened to you! I will be sharing more on my Instagram and Facebook both @bossofalltraits so come follow along and see what other inspiration is out there!

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