Tips and tricks…stop the stress now

Alright guys, per the request I am going to do a “tips and tricks” post today on stopping stress mid-flow. Meaning that as soon as you find yourself thinking about anything stressful, you can do one, all or a combination of the following things that will stop the stress thought cycle dead in its tracks!

Trick One. A 5 Sense Check In.

What it is- just as the title describes you’re going to stop and check in with all 5 senses. How you do it- just as simple. You stop what your doing take a deep breath and start with (Step 1), Looking Around. Notice with as much detail as possible exactly what you are looking at. Look at shapes, colors, textures and how we live our lives in 3D. Step 2, close your eyes and focus in on what you can hear. Start with what you hear internally like your breathing, can you hear your own heart beat? Then transition into what you can hear on the outside. What can you hear that is near, that is off in the distance, what is clearly heard and what is muddled out. Notice the volumes. Step 3, hone in on what you can smell and label the smells. Like sweet, floral, citrus, sour, etc. Step 4, Focus on your sense of taste. Realize what taste is in your mouth then open in and take a breathe in, did it change? Can you taste what you smelt? Then finally Step 5. With your eyes still closed and not touching anything, what can you feel? Feel what the air is like around you, what your clothes feel like on your skin, do an internal body scan starting at the top of your head and working your way down giving attention to what your muscles feel like. Then open your eyes, reach around touch different things and give attention to the textures and temperatures.

~It is important with this trick to take some time with each step, give as much attention to each detail as you can.~

Trick Two. Ice Challenge.

What it is- A complete game changer that draws all your focus into your hands. How to do it- grab ice, or anything cold in each hand. This immediately stops all train of thought and pulls all your attention to the cold substance on your palms. Continue holding and pay close attention to how the temperature drops, or how the ice melts.

Tip Three. Ask.

What it is- just a simple question. How to do it- ask your self “is what I am worrying about 100% going to happen?” We tend to worry about hypothetical scenarios, so unless it is 100% happening you are worrying about “what-ifs” and although I am a firm believer in being prepared there is a line that you cross over from preparation into worrying, but I will save that for another post. The point is, if it is not currently happening don’t put yourself through it twice.

All 3 of these tips and tricks pull your mind into the now, into the present. This helps pull the mind out of a downward spiral and helps us tune back into what needs focus. We are all human, and we all worry, but I encourage you to give these a try and see what changes for you!

Till next time, K

Let me know what you think! Which one are you most excited to try? Which one did you try? How did it help? Comment at the bottom or through my social media, Instagram @bossofalltraits or Facebook the Boss Of All Traits page.

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2 thoughts on “Tips and tricks…stop the stress now

  1. I often get anxiety attacks. I typically go for a 5 sense method, but I never thought of the “ice challenge”!
    I think the next time I’m going crazy again, I’ll try that !

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    1. Carlea! The first time I learned about the ice I was like “hmmm that sounds a little like nonsense” but tried it and love it and use it with my littles! I don’t explain anything or make them do a check in with it I just hand them something cold and they typically forget whatever I’m distracting them from lol.


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