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Welcome to the Boss Of All Traits Blog Page, where your ordinary blog posts morph into extraordinary stories, experiences and “how to’s” in my real life. Covering everything in life as I know it from: Mom Life, Married Life, Green(ish) Living, What Has Made Life Easier (And Harder), Natural Options, Transformational Thinking and everything in between.

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My Blog My Way.

For starters (and to be fair), this is not going to be one of my typical posts, but I have some explaining to do. I went M.I.A for various reasons but I figured this is a good time to be a little more than honest as to why. Several years ago I realized I hated […]

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Hi! I’m Kiya an almost 30 year old blended family living, mom to 3, wife to 1, certified health and life coach, who is currently living in a 3 bedroom, not HGTV ready apartment with my family. I thrive off of messy buns, self care, coffee and sometimes wine. I will try just about anything that peaks my interest with an “all in” attitude and want to share my wild, real life with everyone and hope that someone can enjoy the journey with me!

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